Mark Woodruff’s Unheralded Victory The Defeat of The Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army 1961-1973 – not yet a review, just an introduction

Mark L. Woodruff, a U. S. Marine infantryman assigned to Foxtrot Company, 2nd Battalion, Third Marine Regiment, Third Marine Division (from December 1967 to December 1968) published the book Unheralded Victory  The Defeat of The Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army 1961-1973, became a Royal Australian Navy psychologist and reserve Lieutenant Commander upon completion of his Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in California before emigrating.  His work sat unread in my library for a decade.  Finally it moved to my Must Read stack after I realized the photo coverpiece was not of an NVA soldier with more of his friends following.  I had all I could take of apologists saying America (and its Allies) lost the war for Vietnam and the VC and NVA won.

When, finally, I took the time to look, really, at the cover and read the Foreword by then company commander James L. Jones, General, USMC, of his friend and former subordinate’s work, I thought “give the book a try. Anyway.”

I won’t bore you with the rest: just list the Table of Contents of the Vandamere Press published work of 1999 which will go back onto my permanent shelf.


I  207 BC to 1961

II Defeat of The Viet Cong 1961-1971

III Defeat of the North Vietnamese Army 1964-1973

IV The Dich Van Program – and orchestrated Myths, Falsehoods and Lies

V Questioning The Credibility of the Vietnamese giving a fairer verdict by history

The Narrow Sample Problem

No Expert Witnesses

Story-Tellers, not Witnesses

The Hostile Witnesses

Not Witnesses at all

False Witnesses, Phonies and Liars

VI Final  – Summing up p 289

Notes p 292

Bibliography p 322

\Index p 330

As you can see, the extensive notes, bibliography and index are worth the price of admission.

No. You can not have my copy.  I may loan it out to personal acquaintances and friends…provided they buy me a beer in a downtown Sanford, Florida wateringhole when they return my copy.  I am confident The Usual Suspects have it available.  Go. Read.  Remember – or for you FNGs, Learn.




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