“Maggie Mead Debunked” Tanka 736

“Maggie” Meade debunked

after her Tampa lecture:

her “agenda” won!


Athropology littered

with charlatans and liars!*


Dr. Margaret Meade, her-o to Leftist Women everywhere fudged the facts in Coming of Age in Samoa, representing a few “outside the norms” sexual predators on the young as The Norm to support both her thesis and her career.  Later – much later – a return to Samoa and interviews with “the other guys” revealed a vastly different social more at work.  But that did not fit the agenda of advancing the norm of sexual predation into the mainstream.  Now what began  – ostensibly – as a revolutionary view of the female (Women’s Studies) has gone from cottage industry to fully three-shifted factory of ontological “truths” unneedful of masquerade.  English departments are being gutted at great American universities in the name of gender equality.  And the sad thing is the former fops and milquetoasts who thought to increase their hold on academic power by inclusion now are a vanishing breed of sycophantic cheerleaders in long pants.  Enjoy the turvey, doctors topsey and mopsey!)


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