“No Hyde, No Go!”

If Hyde* Amendment

is not a part of Repeal,

enmity assured!


  • (The late U. S. Senator (R-Illinois) Henry Hyde, perhaps the last great spokesman/statesman of the U. S. Congress, had a special rider amendment attached to all subsequent and ongoing congressional health funding bills: that no federal tax monies be applied to elective abortions.  I believe some Republican Senators in leadership positions especially, are conspiring with their Democratic colleagues to strip this provision from any federal health funding law.  Do that at your peril, RepubliCrats! While I oppose abortion on principal, I make exception for personally funded and certain life-of-mother issues and maintain I will take my portion of the responsibility for abortion by not supporting full repeal of any attempt to limit abortion, but I will oppose any use of federal funding so to allow any and all to kill the unborn.)

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