“Princeton U’s Male Muting”

Princeton’s Muting Males’

Masculinity Brigade

is not big surprise!*




  • (Princeton University unveils a new program designed to advise males whose “masculinity” index – whatever that is, and the term is mine because I just could not bring myself to type what that Leftist School calls its new Feminizing Men program – goes beyond the pale…Male Engagement Advisors, I believe they are called – is a straight-faced attempt further to make men ashamed.  Good.  Those poor pampered lads who fall afoul and opt for educational emasculation make more room for troublemaking testosterone-pumped players of rugby and singers of off-key and off-color sex- drug- booze- and rock-n-roll-flavored hymns before the bar will have much happier hunting I am sure.  The Lady From Darjeeling, I believe, particularly applies.)

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