“Jim Morrison’s Long Version”

Jim Morrison & The Doors’ long version “Gloria” goes on and onandonandon in glory and wonder…three ways to sand and gone and back

with a tribal bribeable beat courtesy of WPGS 840 AM Titusville-Mims (Unless you prefer Mims-Titusville) sunup-to-sundown over-the-air but Local 840 on Net all day and who else plays that kinda music on commercial – or even pubic* – ray-did-he-ho?

Thanks, Saturday Classic Radio.  Bill Burk(e?) almost sometimes sounds insanely Shane…sometimes.  Friendly Host Kool Ed this morning missing so I get an Oldie with merely Friendly Ed and TalkStar Kim and Jeremy (the clown with Marissa The annoying bleat) from agolongs until it’s time to trek through the coming tropical depression – sans still none! rain – to the biblioteca to turn in the SM Stirling novels of The Change books and hope to find even more of them fine suckers whilst Sanford expects soon to float away up The St. Johns with just inches and inches of the wetness that flows past Tidy-Town and turns Left at Mimps, donchaknow.


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