“See Hen Hen Go Cluck, Cluck, Cluck”

See Hen Hen ‘clucker*’

says Immigration Bill wrong!

Cites poem on statue.


  • (A wonderful object of scorn and derision, a CNN ‘Clucker’ – read: White House reporter – gets all indignant because the words on the Statue – did he say that or Statute? – of Liberty clearly state “Give us your poor,” so Imposter Trump can not have his way with ignoring such a glorious tradition.  Well, my friend – not – the Emma Lazarus-added poem touting the huddled masses yearning to breath free wasn’t the intent of the statue, a gift from the people of France – allegedly – to honor America’s beacon of freedom to the world, not its newly opened soup kitchen on The Bowery.  I don’t think the reporter – our both the people in his audience – will see the difference. Recall, if you will, there was a long – near half-century hiatus in legal immigration status in the US, ending only quite recently – as mid-centuries go.  Immigration is not a Right!  Illegal immigration is a felony! No alien may reside in the United States illegally. Now, CNN, if you please, go find some real news that doesn’t break apart and reveal the dearth of your intellect and capability to achieve honesty.)

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