“I Still Do Not See…”

Still, I do not see

The Air Force in charge of Space

out past our own Moon!*


  • (In-close, sure, so long as they let Naval – and Marine – close-air doctrine rule when it comes to infantry support;p but when it comes to long-voyages, like, say Mars and The Asteroid Belt (and dare I hope, Beyond! the Navy is the natural service upon which to look for a model of effective and efficient use for such purpose.  And, not just because there is long precedent between wet-Navy longterm cruises between ports and the earliest such accomplishments of flight in terms of length, total humans aboard and varied missions but because too many thoughtful men have pointed out anchor-clankers know how to get that job done.  One case in point: USNA grad and science fiction and future-history legend Robert Anson Heinlein.  Since the Air Force Reserve has assumed the role of Hurricane Hunters from The U. S. Navy – my dad was among the first Naval hurricane hunters at the tail end of WW II, flying retread US Army Air Corps B-25s out of Patuxent Naval Air Station in Maryland – the zoomies have had their sights set on everything that flies…and that almost cost a lot of grief in a place called Korea.  Go check that epic stuggled out: no, not the war, but the battle to keep Marine – and Naval – aviation separate from Air Force “coordination” and control. But, I digress. Which I like so to do.)

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