“Will The Two Sue For More?”

(August 19, 2018)

Will ‘straight’ teams’ cheer-ers

or the lonesome two gay guys

sue NFL first?*


*(News that The Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints both have added a gay cheerleader – is gay male redundant? – to their rosters brings forth questions: 1. Will the two lonesome guys agitate for company; with the two lonesome guys be shunned by girls; by fans; by players; will the rest of the teams want ‘in’ on the parade; will the girls sue to stop/start/continue the practice of gayboy cheerleaders; will The Dallas Cowboys comply with a not-improbably league-wide rule that each cheerleader squad be supplied with All The Alphabets-Worth of Genderful Cheerleders; is cleavage in – pardon the pun but it is intended! – dire straits?)

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