“Yes, Teresa Thre is No Santa Clause*”

(December 4, 2018)

The cost of ‘Brexit’

is accepting The Same Deal!

May I say “Bye-Bye?”

*(Not A misspelling of Clause, Mizz May.  I did not take the time to look up your first name’s spelling…and I’d rather have used ‘Virginia’ anyway, but I feared EU trademark infringement laws.  What you are trying to get Britain to do is to accept the European Union and its rules and regulations as the price of leaving the European Union.  My how 1984ish of you. Eric Blair could not have penned better.)

*(ShehanneMoore: Inadvertently deleted your pithy comment.  But I doooo like the color blue.  I posted my Teresa(sp?) May haiku w/commentary without knowing or even asking your views on the matter.  The vie was mine entire, but I being willing to share my short limb, Welcome Aboard.  We here in The Colonies long have learned to distrust a politician. Especially a smiling one.  Locally several iterations have switched the wordings of several citizen-produced referrenda to make the opposite point and put THAT on the ballot.  The Brexit issue, for good or ill, already has been decided.  Now you gotta goad the DS (in loco parentis for Dip Sh*&ts) into doing just that.  Representqtive constitutional democracy (how I hate that word and its 50percent+1 implication) requires constant monitoring, bellicose monitoring, by the governed.  After a few centuries the pols have put pretty polish to their games and we poor saps like mice to tempting cheeses line up for the whack. Sorry. Got carried away. I want to borrow Hadrian from you please. The Brits think that Roman built that wall to keep Scots out but we know better: ’twas to keep the English in their own lot. We have a slight situation which I fear even our so-called conservatives would be most Chamber-of-Commerce cheered-on happy to see just a long-running talking point instead of a turnstile installed at convenient points from Texas to California.


8 thoughts on ““Yes, Teresa Thre is No Santa Clause*”

  1. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:

    originally posted on Commentary, Outrages, etc. Just a brief glance towards Oceania to see how the former British Empire fares under its new bootheel…The Common Market was an American/English idea to help bring stability to Europe…then some Damnfool Brit though it’d be a neat way to further Socialise *Queen’s English Spelling Intentinal* that former glittering gateway to a sad mess to Our East.

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    1. shot as in “shet”? Since the last – of many – betrayals by royals to The Scots, long has it been a dream of a free – though perhaps still unified by a common concern with liberty and freedom and some concern for what went wrong in Erin – Scot Land. But that’s just a wee amalgam of all from those isles mouthing off over others’ matters. You know America always will have a debt for you sending us John Paul. Even if he had to append Jones. And that is just reason 2,547.

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  2. G’wan, now. You’re gonna ruin my rapidly un-soiled reputation. Please: a “cad” or “scallywag” tossed in at whim would do much to restore my standing amongst The Crew. On set of bikers I often hung with and I had a game with a $100 bet from each as to who could in the course of a night’s elbow-bending get a gratuitous and un-asked for “asshole” from our bartender of the eve’. I won more than my share, though I must admit it was more often a term of light endearment more often than exasperation and coarse return-serve commentary. Oh, well, we well-do-nares must take what we can get.

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    1. Rules were: no begging; no bribery; no threats; no incivility toward said tarbender nor his or her custom; but, extra points awarded for just being yourself.
      Got lots a’ extrey points.


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