Forever more

Only because I try to keep richwrapper haiku (and tanka) full. Yassy rules! And bless whomsoever inspires such.


  • The
  • Moon peeps
  • Upon our
  • Gentle whispers
  • Where wild passions flare and bloom into
  • Emotions surrendering to love’s call-
  • A Cupid’s rite;
  • Savouring
  • Ardor’s
  • Thirst ,
  • In the warmth of your silence
  • Words come to me like starburst
  • Every word that I breathe
  • Becomes a poem :
  • Sweet incantation ,
  • Nestling your heartbeat
  • In the quickening of my pulse
  • Temptation becomes devotion.
  • Inspired by Fiery’s latest offering

    Thank you , my WordPress sibling.

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