J Kirk Richards (who goes by his full first name of J) is a former active duty United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondent from the Vietnam Era.  He already has apologized for two decades of committing journalism in the fields of editorial and sports commentary, general and investigative news writing, editing, writing and photography of features, general news and city, county and state governmental agencies.  He has been a sports reporter, editor, columnist and photographer at all levels from professional to pee wee in baseball, football, basketball, track and field and more.  He has not – and will not – beg pardon for committing the occasional foray in Public Affairs or Public Relations (possibly because he keeps forgetting to add that ‘L’ in either activity).  He has mowed lawns, cooked short order, lifeguarded, painted houses, pulled weeds (and, yes, you may assume more), and designed, written, photographed and edited several magazines.  He has edited several books dealing mostly with his hometown of Sanford, Florida’s history.  Currently, he can be found in Florida’s wilds helping commit Threatened & Endangered Species studies and locations/relocations, wetlands delineation/permitting, Cultural Resource field assessments (digging and walking surveys), and generally staying in front of the wasp-sting averse on the team. He gardens for fun and food and fishes the same way.  He indulges in beer, wine, spirits and enjoys talking about same – preferably with the subject matter already en glass.  He can be approached through the good offices of the Sanford Civic/Senior Center, North Branch Public Library, and can be found under j kirk Richards on Facebook ( J. Kirk Richards – note the period after the J – is a Utah-based author, artist and songwriter who is a “Friend” and Jere considers it coincidentally humorous we share the same name.  He is found as Rich Wrapper (or rich wrapper: forget which) on Word Press – actually, it is richwrapper.wordpress.com  and is jkirkrichards1 on Twitter and can not recall who he is elsewhere – linked in for example.

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