“Wanner Back, Spain?”

Give Puerto Rico

back to Spain and see what says

that ‘Ditzy’ Mayor!*


  • (Fortunately some elected and appointed members of the much meaningfully maligned ruling class in Puerto Rico, a U. S. Commonwealth, well past a Territory it may be presumed in prestige, place, power and people, have been above the partisan democrat party playbook denouncing anything Trump or Republican as being worth a damn to this long-abused – by its own ruling class of mostly Democratic Party Shills and Hacks who continue to demand more welfare, more jobs training program monies, more, more more and please pardon the billions in bills left unpaid by the back door, and it’s something we gotta do – get that Island off its dead, dying ass and put it on a paying basis as befits a great addition and hopefully future 51st State standing all out there and proud, the American buffer between the raw and ever ‘reddening’ Atlantic and the already red Caribbean with a glorious past, a troubled present, and a possible future – should its citizens so choose.  Choose: change: Clean.  And maybe we’ll beg some Cubans off our backs for kowtowing so much to Connecticut and Orlando.)

From Beth Tremaglio (Bethtrem) Welcome to the show, you may not be glad you came


Welcome to the show, a land of carefully crafted tents to hide ill desires. Men and women of prestige fashioned with political agendas trying desperately to nail up pieces of a tent with excuses clothed in well paid lawyers for the right price ill lusts rationed away. Welcome to the show, masses of directors and […]

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“Blame The Gun But Not The Producer?”

Your blame-the-gun crowd

still ‘thinks’ undressed teen girls

forced that producer!*


  • (The eventual ballad of Harvey Weinstein as writ by me. Or was I thinking that noble outcast Roman Polanski.  Hmm…I’ll pull a Deion Sanders/Jerry Jones made-for-The-Hut tv commercial: Both! The dregs of H-woody-Doody Town who want to canonize both and the cautious way the media prances around the few who proclaim “me, too!” make me think of how Bill Likes His Polka Dots, donchaknow?)