“Add Or Detract” Tanka 989


and the cutadickfromme’s

want some more bathrooms!


Elementary schools’ case:

need more boys out of diapers!


“Just Underheard (for the first time)!

From an article in “The Left Angeles Times” involving Roger McGrath, PhD:

A tale of two muggers attempting to plunder a man in a phone booth.  The man being ‘mugged’ produces his own ‘gatt’ and the pair of would-be thugs runs off without the demanded wallet.

A cautionary tale, told over the airways by one reformed lawyer now talk-show host Larry Elder, himself of product of The Mean Streets of South Central et al.



“Loud Sundrise”

I let the loud sunrise bully me into one half-eye though The Deaf Ear stayed down in petulant pillow scrunching. Next life I line up The Drapes to cover Vernal Equinoxal threats!  So I shrugged small death down its hideously happy hole and thought about threatening broken embryos slid between pre-masticated wheat – not whole but possibly rye though white is top preference – slices properly ‘lectrocuted to a crispy brown and then slathered with battered top-portions of cow’s udder extrusions.

But before that rose to drive away The Grumps, Watson intruded.  And I cringed in fretful hides as if my own personal Torquemada knew I use Kosher salt to season near everything but classic plastic whitebread dough.

Nope. No leering orbs behind the friendly foiling palm fronds ensconced ‘twixt the larger portion of hidden picture window and the walkway up to the house.  So I slid off my supine perch and sauntered a room away to peer at whom I was determined to avoid in favor of breakfast.  That expedition took too long and my feared inquisitor had departed.  So I scratched my way back to a good starting point.  I mean, why waste a wakeup call come too soon if not to go back to the interior eyelid panascopic screen where I play my best movies?


“Just A Couple Tips Remembered”

Never trust a dog to watch your sandwich

Never pull your father’s finger…


*Gleaned from a repeat broadcast on PBSs’ “Car Talk” FM radio show March 3, 2011. The haiku and tanka celebrating the Click & Clack – which one is late is a conundrum,  but kudos to NPR for the best-of repeat broadcasts – on Richwrapper in his community. The above two gleanings of what young people wrote as their Great Truths were read by the one who has left the stage, I believe.


The Original “‘Pone Is Ready”

Nailed to a Number-Three Tree

month of a Blue Moon partial eclipse

of The Moon – thank you Earth

One dead guy put Jesus on Mars

which trumps Joe Smith’s tale

told by way of found-gold leaves

to studyin’ us – mostly in middens

out LA-way I suspect everyone will be damned!

Life – or death matter – ain’t a

basketball ref’s whistle-stop tour

to shoot freethrows on either of two

peach trees with ersatz baskets for mouths.

Dis some one back of the hall

sing out “What about Angels Rights?”

I’d suggest being mre worried

about The Big McBrawl foul crew


This’un will put varhish to shame.







‘Pone for wafers, whiskey, wine

Theosophistry will have to do…

No more of this, if you please,

Just Pontius!

Today’s just chock-a-block full of

proprietary examples of broke-dick

lives done under duress.




“The ‘Pone Is Ready”

‘Pone for wafers, whiskey, wine, theosophistry will have to do.  No movie of this, if you please, Just today’s chock-a-block full of proprietary examples of broke-dick lives done under duress.

Just a quick random scritting after I awoke from The Contemporary Craphouse Gang’s Democrat Dietclub’s square soup sandwich on DJT’s Statement of Union.