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I remember when high schools had marksmanship teams and had had firearms safety training. The high school teams used air-rifles – probably 17-20+ caliber long and short guns. Not a single kid so involved ever shot anyone – in school or out – without being sworn officer of the law or a sworn member of […]

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“Unhealth – Part None”

Unhealth, Mentality

(Part None) –

Psychopath: does not know he’s sick – and acts ‘that way’ anyway.

Sociopath: knows he’s sick – and acts ‘that way’ anyway.

Ideopath: (outside dictionary’s domain): a one-of-a-kind disease-bearer.

Meaning, basically, no known cause or cure or recognizable symptomology belonging to other conditions or illnesses.  Sounds like skating away from the hole in the ice to me.  So: an Ideopath (one who presents ideopathically?) is someone who no one else knows is sick.

There may be excuses – or even possibly treatments – for the first two conditions.  I am skeptical.

The way the third condition is defined leaves a negative limit on hope for understanding by mere mortals foisted off with such mundane conditions called compassion, empathy or concern.

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Machete is but a good garden tool to you, but what about him?* (Throughout much of our planet in a temperate zone, the machete is a well-balanced tool for gardening and for making straight a way in the jungle – but in the hands of some – well into its third century of use […]

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“Twice Now Media Ignores…”

Twice now media

ignores ‘Sand Creek’ Massacre:

focus on ‘The Next!”*


After a long, long time of complaints the local media a few years before Orlando’s Pulse mass-murders, sometime around San Bernadino, California, I seem to recall, each and every “tally” was talked up as the most, the biggest, the largest mass shooting/killing in American History and even Pulse and now Las Vegas does not compare with the hundreds and hundreds (600 or more) killed by Mormon and Federal cavalry at Sand Creek.  Now, even the national news-scriers say “Most In Modern American History.” Like that was some new record about which to be proud!  And, worse, with or without guns, not even counting Sand Creek: ask how man Ukrane peasants died when Stalin surrounded that subsumed soviet country prior to World War II.  Millions. Many starved; many shot; many untallied.  Who cares who did it; who cares from which part of this sad, tired old ball of beautiful mud that uplifts as it exasperates; that amazes as it denigrates; that redefines beauty each day as it gives new depths to bestiality? It is not the fault of an inanimate object, people: it is the fault of people – perpetrators and bystanders – and, yes, perhaps even the silent compliant victims, too!)