“One More Sign Dem Times”

Since my nearby Winn√Dixie grocery outlet’s new property management team – other than tsunami, tornado, city council how does one manage property? properly? – took over and replaced the old “here we be” signs, the new’un for the Laundrymat now reads “Laundromart” and I can not keep from asking: why the “o?” Okay, Mort: why you and not your cousin Mart?  And another thung…

When’s the council on protest everything going to object to “Dixie” in Winn’s name.  Florida still has yet to be hit with Imaginit in that crossed red pair of diagonal stripes in its state flag in which the state admits – in print – it was homage to an earlier version with included the stars of The Confederacy.  And then there’s the shocking Federally funded Old Dixie Highway moniker which rides herd on various former and – I believe – extant portions of U.S. Highway 1 along and near Florida’s coastline.  Why are we not drawing huge crowds of uninvited – and maybe invited (permitted) – protesters.

We are being overlooked and underserved, Floridians!  We want out share of stupid.  We deserve our portion of idiots, bigots (on however many sides you can see).  We Demand Our Share of wholly unnecessary! Rise Up, Florida. Before George gains the lower hand!

We have snivelers enow to stock our local congressional and senatorial delegations and still keep fully stocked outrageous gimcrackery and charlatanisms in our local chambers of state overlordship.  Why are our represenatives – and by that I mean both houses – so lacking?  Surely it is not because the teapot tempesting is beneath their attention.  These people perfected the art of camera/lense-grabbing and “There Go My People: I must quick get in front of them as Eye Ham Der Leahdur!

‘Nuff said.

When Mercy Wrongs*

Something he learned

in basic-school today:

mercy to the guilty

is cruelty to the innocent.


  • (A theme repeated in many of S. M. Stirling’s stunningly good Novels of The Change series. Some of the best of fantasy, science fiction, post-apocalyptic sub-genera fiction often deals with such a theme.  In the face of Political – read: social, moral, politically incorrect – questions of the day, all too often the other half of the equation comes in for too little regard: the victim(s).  And an innocent victim even moreso too often is left in the wake of a juggernaut en route a socially acceptable outcome.)