“What It Looks, Feels, Smells…” Tanka 656 — richwrapper

Looks, quacks, flies, walks, squats like a duck…it’s not a horse! Hear that, Jim Comey? Persecutor Mueller just too close to you for this job!* (Actually, much the same could be said of the Assistant Attorney General as well. Giving Mueller the Prosecutor – Persecutor Especiale! – job and watching that goon hire […]

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“Arabs Already Done Tol’e You”

Arabs* already

told what they want: usual

No! No! No! Get It?*


  • (No Peace; No Israel; No Other Way – all must bow down! And, by Arabs I mean both the vocalists who so say the above and those whom by their acquiescent silence I must assume the results do matter to them as well.  Not all Arabs are moslem, to be sure; just as not all jews are observant; but barely a few jews openly say Drive Them Back Into The Gulf! And fewer say make America Kosher!)

“One Hand Washing” Tanka 652

Republicans buy

the gloves* Democrats use

and don’t expect: Thanks!


What does that suggest of those

“real” clay-virtue paragons?


  • (Still trying to decipher “gloves.” Don’t see how it could be “slaves,” though I can make several cogent arguments my poor hand knew better and with today’s realpolitick who knows whether seeing red isn’t just another hue of blue?)

“An (Im)Modest Proposal” Tanka 653

Clinton News Network*

needs to be shown White House door;

Mueller fired; and, more!


AAG a Trojan Horse (thief)!

Loan spines to some Senators!


  • (Clinton News Network a not-even thinly veiled reference to CNN, but at first typing off my trusty small but thick notebook, I typed “NetWord” instead of “Network.”  I like that improvement. Feel free to use with or without attribution: happy birthday, gang!)