“Dim-O-Crats Are Right” Tanka 2078

(July 16, 2018)

Dem-O-Crats Are Rigtht!

More than half of us believe

Trump is a bad seed…


…if you count The Media

and ‘Established’ GOP!


“Media Ignore A Salient Point”

(July 16, 2018)

Two Winter Park teens

who killed a “queer” schoolmate

get ‘months’ in Juvvie!


  • (The judge assigned the murder – later reduced to manslaughter charges – trial to juvenile justice rather than append a hate crime death to adult court – sentenced the guilt-adjudged pair from 9- to 14-months in a “program” that keeps both young men out of prison.  Time off for good behavior duly noted.  My question: why has not there been a flock of protesters from the rainbow flag people garlanded about Orange County’s halls of justice?

“Which Set Of ‘Stabbers,’ Front Or Back?”* Tanka 2071

(July 12, 2018)

One set of ‘Stabbers’

are for ‘The Front,’ first and last:

other likes ‘The Back!”


Two songs sung to same music

But there are differences!

  • (Original Title: “Chicken-Lickin’ Fingers Fine Fare” Don’t Ask.  Forgot.  And when I think part of me heads to the fridge and the rest just shakes its meta-five-icle head.  Don’t blame either. Hope there’s butter for the biscuits.)